Job Placement

Individualized instruction in job search techniques can be provided to displaced or injured workers who must make a vocational change along with the following customized services:

  • Resume preparation
  • Work application completion
  • Training and supervision in how to use the telephone book, Internet, and professional journals to find contacts
  • Training and supervision in cold calling
  • Training and supervision in how to set up and conduct informational interviews
  • Instruction and supervision in the completion of thank you notes and letters
  • Instruction and supervision in job interviewing techniques which includes recognizing the various types of job interviews
  • How to answer tough questions in job interviews
  • Anticipating problem questions and how to deal with them e.g. how to overcome questions about incarceration in prison or felony background.
  • How to confront unspoken employer objections to hiring someone with a handicap or previous workers’ compensation injury.
  • Instruction and supervision in thank you notes and letters after a job interview.
  • Training and supervision in post job interview follow up.
  • Training and supervision on how to dress for success on various jobs
  • Training and supervision on how to keep your new job
  • Training and supervision on the correct way to leave a job and how to obtain letters of recommendation

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