Plan Monitoring or Revisions

Vocational plans for re-entry into the job market or vocational retraining are destined for failure if not monitored. Many times the injured worker has unresolved problems that are not apparent when the vocational plan is written but surface soon thereafter. These problems may be lack of reliable transportation, family problems, eviction from a rental, unanticipated unrelated health problems, or a myriad of other problems that may arise.

These unexpected problems are dealt with in a direct fashion by referral to community resources, tapping auxiliary vocational funds, or consultation with attorneys and claim examiners to find a solution. The main principle is to monitor the trainee to make sure all potential and present problems are brought out in the open so they can be examined and solved.

Plans may need to be revised due to changes in the academic calendar or course offerings, temporary withdrawal from training due to exacerbation of the injury, the medical providers having to perform an unanticipated surgery, or other problems or factors beyond our control.

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